Becoming a Tenant

How do I become a tenant?

Personal application phone call with the managing director.

Daily until 8pm
Mobile: ‭+49 157 38751508‬

Certificate of Employment

from your employer with the amount of your net salary or income tax assessment in the case of self-employed persons/freelancers

Certificate from your previous landlord

confirming the non-existence of rent arrears on your part

Identity Card

Colour copy of both sides.


(credit scoring) information. Retrievable online: meineSCHUFA (german language only).

Dear potential tenant,
In order to be able to offer you an apartment in this top location with its exclusive ambience, we strive to achieve a homogeneous tenant community which is aware of its responsibilities with a view to providing the quality of life you are striving for.

If you decide to take an apartment from our inventory, you must send the following documents directly via e-mail and/or post to the managing director, Philipp Dannenberg in Berlin. Only subsequent to this is the management of the apartment block authorised to conclude a tenancy agreement with you.
It is fundamental to Dannenberg & Söhne GbR that the protection of your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, compliance with the statutory provisions on data protection are a matter of course for us.

In accordance with the current German statutory provisions on data protection, Dannenberg & Söhne GbR ensures that your data is treated as confidential. No disclosure to third parties takes place.

Please contact the managing director personally by phone in the event of any query.

Contact information:
Philipp Dannenberg, M.Sc
Managing Director

Ringstr. 3, 13467 Berlin
Mobile: ‭+49 157 38751508‬

Daily between 9am – 8pm


In case of absence:

Dipl.-Psych. Thomas Dannenberg
Excecutive Chairman & Founder
Mobile: +49 173 720 72 82

Daily between 9am – 8pm

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