Berlin-Frohnau – Alemannenstraße 90

The quietly located detached house in the Berlin garden city of Frohnau will be comprehensively refurbished between January 2020 and April 2021. In addition to a 70 sqm extension with…
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Berlin-Frohnau – Alemannenstraße 92

This spacious detached house in a prime location in Berlin-Frohnau was built in 1938. From January to August 2018, it had been 2/3 (two thirds) refurbished, partly with spatial restructuring,…
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Wohnung in Flensburg

Flensburg – Twedter Feld

Living in the garden Carré Twedter fieldIn Twedter Feld 10-14, directly adjacent to the nature reserve, there are two existing properties with a total of 27 residential units (2 to…
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Living in the green Kiessee CarréThe entire rental property is designed with modern architectural-psychological criteria in mind and was built in 1998. Despite the proximity to the town centre and…
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Living in the idyllic KadelburgKüssaberg-Kadelburg is situated in the south of Germany in Baden-Württemberg (District of Waldshut), it lies directly on the Rhine at the border with Switzerland. It is…
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